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AudiMesh3D is an accessible Viewer for stl format 3D models, allowing users to view 3D models purely using sound. Objects are rendered as a greyscale Depth Map where the closer the object is to the camera, the brighter it is, and the further away, the darker it is. This method helps define a 3D objects shape and form  utilizing the various accessibility tools provided.

AudiMesh3D supports NVDA, Jaws, Window-Eyes, SuperNova, System Access, and ZoomText. It comes equipped with Peter Meijers Image To Sound Rendering Algorithm that converts images into sound, a pixel scanner, and braille display support.

For best performance, Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings and run it in compatibility mode for winxp sp3. Headphones are also recommended.

Published Nov 01, 2017
Tags3D, audio-only, binaural, stl, tool, Visualization
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly, Textless


AudiMesh3D-v1.0.0-x32.zip 20 MB

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